A Word for Your Health for 2021


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Having a word for your health for 2021 can bring your focus, clarity, direction and can help reduce stress.

In the first episode for 2021, I share with you my ideas around having a word for the year. I’ve been doing this for 6 years now and have found having a guiding theme for the year really empowering. I have mostly focussed the discussion around HEALTH, although you can have a word that traverses many areas of your life, or a specific one for your health.

In this episode I cover:

The benefits of having a word for your year.

How to find your word

I step you through 3 out of 5 of the steps in my Year By Design course:

  1. Reflect
  2. Dream
  3. Create

How to cement your word and create a vision for your health.

If you’d like help finding your word, you can book a free 30 min Strategy Session with me.



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Word for the year ideas – click image to download.


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