Do you have a thyroid problem?

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Do you have a thyroid problem?

1 in 8 women have a thyroid problem during their lifetime and many go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. That’s why it’s important to have a general understanding of the types of issues you can have with your thyroid, the common symptoms and how to be tested. Even if you don’t have an issue with your thyroid, knowing the basics might help you help your Mum, sister, daughter or friend get the help they need to feel better.

In this episode, we cover:

1. What are the most common thyroid problems?

a. Underactive thyroid (AKA hypoactive. Hashimoto’s is auto-immune underactive thyroid disease.

b. Overactive thyroid AKA hyperactive. Graves disease is auto-immune over-active thyroid disease.

c. Thyroid cancer.


2. How do they show up? Common Symptoms.

a. Thyroid cancer – lumps, mass. Get medical advice.

b. Overactive thyroid – feeling revved up, anxiety, irritability, weight loss, fatigue, heart palpitations, sweating, changes in menstrual cycles.

c. Underactive thyroid – fatigue, depression, anxiety, gut issues, chronic constipation, weight gain, nobody believes you’re sick. See my ebook – 30 Common Hashimoto’s Symptoms for detailed explanation and practical tips to feel better. Only AU$9.95 and available for a limited time.

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3. How do you test for thyroid disease?

a. Thyroid cancer – ultrasound, biopsy.  See your doctor.

b. Overactive thyroid – blood tests.

c. Underactive thyroid – blood tests.

See your doctor and request a comprehensive thyroid panel.

At a bare minimum get your TSH and thyroid antibodies tested. T4 & T3 are a good idea too.

4. If you have a thyroid issue what can you do?

  • Have hope that you can feel better over time.
  • Join the Let’s Talk Thyroid Community on Facebook for peer support.
  • Listen to the Let’s Talk Thyroid podcast and follow me on social media for political and practical tips & info.
  • Try dietary & lifestyle changes

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