Enlarged Tongue + Hashimoto’s

Did you know that the tongue can be an indicator of some health issues? It can even be a sign that there is something wrong with your thyroid.

After you’ve read this article and the further reading, take a good look at your tongue and see what it reveals to you! It might even be a sign that you need to do some further investigating!

Having an enlarged tongue, often coupled with scalloping of the edges of the tongue can be an indicator of low functioning thyroid and/or of high levels of toxins.

Other tongue indicators related to thyroid health:

  • white/yellow coating can be an indication of candida (another common thyroid symptom) 
  • Red beefy tongue – vitamin & mineral deficiency – might need to get your levels tested and any deficiencies supplemented.
  • Cracks in the tongue – can indicate digestive issues and food intolerances.

Let’s Get Practical:

😝 Stick out your tongue and look at in the mirror. If you notice any of the things talked about here or in this article, do some further investigation with your health practitioner

🚩 Get thyroid blood tests and properly medicated. It’s so important that you are being treated appropriately. 

💊 Consider a good quality nutritional supplement. I like doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality but see a health practitioner if you have vitamin or mineral deficiency as you may need extra supplementation.

🦠 Look after your gut health. Remove inflammatory foods.

❌ Remove toxins as much as you can  – toxins can actually be one of the triggers for Hashimoto’s – choose toxin-free skin care, hair care, eat organic as much as you can, use essential oils and natural products for household cleaning etc.

🚰 Drink lots of water to stay hydrated – this helps with the detoxification process too. I like to add a drop of a citrus essential oil like lemon, tangerine or grapefruit to aid with the cleansing process. Make sure your essential oil is food safe.

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Suspect you have a thyroid issue? PLEASE trust your instincts and get it thoroughly checked out with your health practitioner. This thyroid basics page has an overview of what tests to ask for and an affiliate link to use a private lab if your doctor won't order them.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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