what are essential oils?

What are essential oils?

I used to think that essential oils were smelly things in incense sticks and scented candles that made me feel sick when I smelt them. I had no idea that these power-house plant extracts had their own ‘super-powers’. Technically essential oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. 

I’ve been curious about natural health supports for many years for my personal health as I combat chronic auto-immune issues and thought I’d tried everything. I hadn’t tried essential oils and I really didn’t think they’d help. How wrong I was.

What I wasn’t wrong about was that some ‘essential oils’ can make me feel sick. They can, if they aren’t pure.  I can walk past certain ‘scented’ shops in the shopping centre and feel ill. Never with doTERRA. Quality does matter.

Do they work?

Essential oils work if they are pure. They work because of chemistry. Each essential oil has isn’t own chemistry and it interacts with our individual body chemistry.

These special aromatic compounds enter our body when we breath them, apply them topically or add them to our food. Then they go to work on a cellular level, working to bring balance, cross the cell membrane and working literally from the inside out.

It’s not weirdo hippy stuff, it’s science. Essential oils are what protects the plants themselves from threats, it’s exactly the way God intended. doTERRA actually means ‘gift of the earth’.

What’s the hype about essential oils?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years (remember Frankincense and Myrrh in the bible?) … they aren’t new, our society had forgotten about them, but now they are back and becoming mainstream. 

Does it matter which ones you use?

Yes. I don’t know about you, but I want to make sure that what I’m putting on and in my body is pure, free from toxic crap that’s going to mess with my health.

doTERRA is the global leader in purity and testing to make sure that each product has the best chemistry for our bodies.

Every single batch of every oil is rigorously tested (more than any other essential oil company in the world). If it doesn’t meet their 100% pure standard it doesn’t get sold. Full stop.

The oils are independently tested at the Aromatic Plant Research Centre and  I heard them say recently 3 things that struck me:

1. It’s common practice in the essential oil industry to adulterate essential oils. In fact they estimate that 80% of the oils labelled ‘pure’ are adulterated in some way. 😡

2. doTERRA is the ONLY one of their clients to make publicly available the results of the barrage of testing they do on all the oils. That’s transparency right there.

3. doTERRA rejects oils that are even 95% pure. They will only accept 100% purity.

I’m going to give you more information about doTERRA as a company below, but for now, are you ready to get started? 


How they have helped me?

To be honest, doTERRA has affected every aspect of my life! I use essential oils and other doTERRA products from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. Whether it’s something fresh in the diffuser to get the day going, a few drops of lemon in my water bottle or when I brush my teeth and apply my skin care.  I love to cook with my essential oils too. It’s easy to incorporate them into your daily routine. Really.

Personally, these oils have given me:

Calmer moods.

More energy.

Softer skin.

Natural options to use on my kids when they are sick.

Better digestive support.

Thyroid support.

Natural products I was already using commercial versions of (eg toothpaste, laundry detergent, shampoo & conditioner, skin care, supplements).

Beyond that doTERRA has given me:

A residual income stream that is growing.

Incredible people to work with.

A whole new circle of friends and community.

A vehicle to channel my passion for wellness.

And… I can’t wait to share them with you and get to know you too.

Annabel x

more about doterra

Sourcing of Essential Oils: It matters where your essential oils are grown.

doTERRA wouldn’t have the worlds best essential oils if they grew fields of lavender next to fields of lemon, next to fields of peppermint in one massive farm in America.

doTERRA sources their oils from over 40 countries around the world, where the plant is indigenously grown. That’s why the tea tree and eucalyptus come from Australia (& lemon myrtle and Buddah Wood), the lemons from Sicily and the Frankincense from Somalia.

If you’d like to know more  about where and how doTERRA’s oils are sourced, go  to Source To You – they are completely transparent about their sourcing and even provide full reports from  rigorous independent testing on every batch of every one of the oils.

As part of doTERRA’s unique sourcing, they have a core business model called ‘Co-impact Sourcing’ – so the communities the oils are sourced from are benefitting as well as the end user.

This is what I LOVE about doTERRA  and proudly align myself with doTERRA as my vehicle for bringing about change in wellness.

 doTERRA is a company with heart at the heart of their business.

Truly ethical and sustainable.

Positioned to do good.

As doTERRA’s is the world’s largest essential oil company, it is well positioned to do good!

Over half of the 40 odd countries doTERRA source their oils from are developing countries. As the world’s largest essential oil company, doTERRA has a massive market for …. well…. essential oils!

doTERRA provides income earning opportunities for thousands of families throughout the developing world.

Did you know that the women sorting our Frankincense, are now being paid 10 times what they used to be paid?

AND they are paid regularly and on time.

As the worlds biggest essential oil company, doTERRA could try to squeeze down prices, screw the little person, but it’s not their way. They are a company that loves people. ALL people. They also know that these countries have amazing natural resources they we can all benefit from.

This offers an opportunity to provide resources that may or may not have otherwise been available to these communities.

Every time I purchase my oils, I love knowing I’m voting with my dollar and the start of the supply chain to the end, everyone is blessed.

I love knowing that the farmers, growers and distillers get paid fairly, on time and often receive a profit share of their batches.

I love that they now have hope for their futures and are able to provide for their families, send their children to school.

I could go on! If this resonates with you, go to doterra.com and check out some of the Co-impact Sourcing Videos – the vetiver one is my favourite.  (Vetiver is my favourite oil for falling asleep too BTW).


Can you see why I love doTERRA? It’s not just about the oils.

I couldn’t align myself with a company that didn’t share the same values as I do (people, authenticity, generosity, purpose and faith).

Healing Hands is doTERRA’s charitable foundation supporting

♥ Abolishing child sex trafficking through Operation Underground Railroad.

♥ Days for Girls – feminine hygene packs for girls so they can go to school ALL month and get an education.

♥ building home s after natural disasters eg Nepal and Haiti

♥ building medical centres and schools like in Somalia.

♥ so much more!

▶︎ Every time you purchase a Hope Touch or a Rose Hand Lotion 100% of the proceeds go to Healing Hands (doTERRA covers the ENTIRE production and administrative costs)

buy essential oils

The simplest and most cost effective way to start with doTERRA is to buy a kit.

Here are doTERRA’s 3 most popular starter kits.

Click on each image for more info.

Alternatively, you can choose a different kit or customise your own.

home essentials kit doterra
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What’s the difference?

Daily Usage Kit

This is my favourite kit because you get a taste of everything – core essential oils, personal care products without the nasties and a cellular support supplement. More info…

Home Essentials Kit

Our top 10 oils are in the large 15ml size + you get the Petal Diffuser. More info

Family Essentials Kit

The same oils as in the Home Essentials Kit but in smaller bottles + Smart & Sassy (Active blend). More info…




Let's get you going ...

Below are the instructions to help you buy essentials oils and products from doTERRA.

If you have been introduced to and educated about doTERRA by a friend or family member, please go back to them to purchase. doTERRA & I want to respect those connections. If not I'd love to have you in my essential oil community.

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Who is doTERRA? What even are essential oils? How do they work? How are they sourced? Is doTERRA an ethical company? How have they changed my life?