Let’s Talk Thyroid Symptoms:

Fluid Retention + Hashimoto’s

With Hashimoto’s fluid retention could also show up as generalised weight gain, swollen ankles, wrists, fingers, carpal tunnel and  having a puffy face.

Having a low functioning thyroid slows down the body’s metabolic rate and this can cause a flow-on effect where the body holds on to water and salt.

Water/fluid retention can be a symptom of other health problems which is why it’s important to investigate what’s going on with your body. Use it as a signal to get things checked.

So what can we do?

Let’s get practical:

🚩 Get thyroid blood tests and properly medicated. It’s so important that you are being treated appropriately. It is my understanding that fluid/water retention usually subsides when the thyroid function improves, so without proper treatment if you need it, it won’t really resolve.

🚰 Stay properly hydrated.

💦 Essential oils such as cypress, lemongrass, juniper berry and grapefruit are worth looking into. I find rubbed with a carrier oil rubbed into feet, legs etc that can be soothing. I suspect the massage element is helpful too.

🥒 Follow an anti-inflammatory diet – everything we can do to reduce inflammation helps!

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Suspect you have a thyroid issue? PLEASE trust your instincts and get it thoroughly checked out with your health practitioner. This thyroid basics page has an overview of what tests to ask for and a link to use a private lab if you’re doctor won’t order them.

Have a read/listen to this first!

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