Let’s Talk Thyroid Symptoms:

Goiter |thyroid swelling + Hashimoto’s

Simply put, a goiter is a thickening  of the thyroid gland. Signs that you have a goiter include swelling in the neck, difficulty swallowing and having a hoarse voice. There is a difference however between a  goiter and a swelling of the thyroid due to inflammation. A goiter is a thickening of the actual thyroid gland. Please read this article by Dr Kharrazian for a much more thorough explanation of the whole topic.

 Swelling of the thyroid can be a result of either too much thyroid hormone (hyperthyroid, usually Graves Disease) or too little thyroid hormone (hypothyroid, usually Hashimoto’s).

If you have a goiter or swelling, it’s important to have it checked by a doctor, as it could be a symptom of a thyroid problem. If your goiter/thyroid is painful it may indicate thyroiditis due to viral infection. Please get medical advice.

In the reading I’ve done, the causes of a goiter are many, and not always agreed upon, so please do your own investigation into this one, just know that having one is a sign to get your thyroid health properly investigated.

Goitrogenic foods (eg kale, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, soy) do not cause goiters and disrupt thyroid function. They actually can be helpful for thyroid health in that they increase glutathione (protects cells against oxidative stress) and help with excess iodine uptake. (Dr Kharrazian).

There are chemical goitrogens (including some medications) that have been found to disrupt thyroid function and can cause swelling in the thyroid gland. Worth exploring further if this is a problem for you.

I had a goiter (or was is really swelling?)  when my Hashimoto’s was diagnosed, but to be honest, I don’t remember i – it’s in the doctor’s notes though!

Let’s get practical

🚩 Get thyroid blood tests and properly medicated. It’s so important that you are being treated appropriately. If you have a goite of swelling of the thyroid, it needs to be investigated to see what the cause is and how best to treat. Goiter can be a symptom of different thyroid disease. Please don’t ignore this symptom.

🥬 Eat goitrogenic foods as part of an anti-inflammatory diet.

🧪 Investigate possible chemical triggers and remove where possible. Working with a health professional to remove toxins is worth exploring too.

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Suspect you have a thyroid issue? PLEASE trust your instincts and get it thoroughly checked out with your health practitioner. This thyroid basics page has an overview of what tests to ask for and a link to use a private lab if you’re doctor won’t order them.

Have a read/listen to this first!

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