Leanne’s Thyroid Story


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“It’s ok to give yourself permission to rest and not feel lazy”

Leanne’s Thyroid Story, like so many is long and windy and reveals a deeply personal struggle and commitment to her own health.

Perhaps one of the reasons I love talking to people about their journey’s is that the people I talk to are inspiring! They are tenacious. They’ve learnt to trust themselves, advocate for themselves and want to help others avoid some of the pitfalls they’ve fallen into. Leanne is one of these inspiring women.

As a former nurse and midwife, Leanne says she learnt how to talk to doctors and how to speak their language to help advocate for her own health, which she had to do as her doctor at first didn’t want to give her the referral for the full thyroid panel. Lucky she did as she was called back within 24 hours  with a Hashimoto’s diagnosis, but the doctor didn’t give her much info, so she said “I just left that appointment, came home and cried. I thought I was going to die. I didn’t know anything about Hashimoto’s”. (Interestingly, Nikki in her story said much the same thing)

Leanne has really taken her health in her own hands and, together with the help of a couple of different naturopaths has been able to identify a key root cause/trigger and how to really manage that part of her health.

We talk about:

  • Reducing anti-bodies
  • How to include your partner in the health process
  • How important it is to find the right practitioner to work with at the right time
  • Liver support
  • How to pace yourself – Leanne says this has been critical for her as a way of empowering her to exercise self-care – she has a few practices she’s built into her calendar too.
  • How resting is not lazy.
  • Our favourite essential oils – how to use them safely (& what NOT to do!)

I ask all my guests what their top 3 tips are, Leanne’s are:

  1. See a naturopath and/or herbalist.
  2. Get a second opinion.
  3. Trust yourself.

Thank you Leanne for sharing your story with me, I know it will be an encouragement to many others as they travel their thyroid journey’s too.


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