We are community of over 500 women looking for positive & practical lifestyle changes that can make a big impact on how we feel. I’d love you to join us.


I understand how it feels to to be told “just take your thyroid pills for the rest of your life, you’ll be fine”. But not feeling ‘fine’.

I’ve worked out how to implement  some practical things we can do to so we aren’t just surviving, but thriving despite having thyroid issues.

You deserve more.

from the community…

I am grateful for Annabel’s Facebook Thyroid Support group as it is a positive place to learn more on natural solutions for thyroid health. It is a safe space to ask questions and share knowledge on what you have learnt. Thank you Annabel for creating this group!’

Amy Strahan

I love Annabel’s Thyroid support facebook group. Even though I don’t have a thyroid condition myself, this group has allowed me to learn and understand more about this condition. It has been a wonderful safe place to invite my friends into that suffer from thyroid issues to get support from Annabel and others who truly understand. I highly recommend this group.

Teniel Moore

I joined Annabel’s Thyroid Support page so I could meet people with similar thyroid challenges, and to share and get others ideas on managing thyroid related issues. Ideas I have found have been both diet or essential oil related, but the biggest benefit is being a part of a community! Knowing there are other people out there like me, and having a support network! I am so grateful for meeting Annabel, and being a part of this group.

Jo Cullen


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Fluid Retention +  Hashimoto’s

Fluid Retention + Hashimoto’s

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Goiter +  Hashimoto’s

Goiter + Hashimoto’s

Let's Talk Thyroid Symptoms: Goiter + Hashimoto's Simply put, a goiter is a swelling of the thyroid gland. Signs that you have a goiter include swelling in the neck, difficulty swallowing and having a hoarse voice. If you have a goiter, it’s important to have it...

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Muscle Weakness +  Hashimoto’s

Muscle Weakness + Hashimoto’s

Let's Talk Thyroid Symptoms: Muscle Weakness + Hashimoto's Extreme muscle weakness was, in the end the symptom I believe that lead to my diagnosis of Hashimoto’s when I was 22. I finally realised something was wrong when I had trouble holding my arms up to wash and...

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Enlarged Tongue +  Hashimoto’s

Enlarged Tongue + Hashimoto’s

Let's Talk Thyroid Symptoms: Enlarged Tongue + Hashimoto's Did you know that the tongue can be an indicator of some health issues? It can even be a sign that there is something wrong with your thyroid. After you’ve read this article and the further reading, take a...

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Anxiety +  Hashimoto’s

Anxiety + Hashimoto’s

Let's Talk Thyroid Symptoms: Anxiety + Hashimoto's We’ve talked a bit during this series on common symptoms about how Hashimoto’s affects different aspects of the brain. We’ve covered depression, brain fog, concentration, slow speech, fatigue & emotional upset....

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Vitamin D +  Hashimoto’s

Vitamin D + Hashimoto’s

Let's Talk Thyroid Symptoms: Low Vitamin D + Hashimoto's Have you noticed everyone seems to be talking about Vitamin D these days? It seems that Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for many auto-immune diseases, viral infections, inflammation and immune issues. Low...

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