The Keep It Simple Oily System Package


Designed to help Wellness Advocates get their customers reaping the benefits of daily essential oil use through a simple & fun 5 day challenge. All the work is done. Images & text. Just cut & paste.


Do you have essential oil customers that aren’t using their oils daily? We know that when we use our oils daily, that’s when we see the biggest impact. Not all our customers know this. 

I designed this 5 day challenge to help my customers get into a daily habit of using their oils through easy activities that take less than 1 minute each. I hope it will help your customers too.

It covers activities that will get your customers using their oils aromatically, topically and as flavouring.

A 5 day challenge is an easy and fun way to help your customers get using their oils.

Why use The Keep it Simple Oily System 5 Day Challenge? It’s all done for you.

Here’s what’s included:

📝Instructions on how to use the 5 Day Challenge in your Facebook Groups – both written & video.

💡Suggestions on how to use the challenge with your customers.

🌠All images to post in your Facebook Group – both to promote and for the daily challenges. They are simple, bright and fun images.

📧Launch post/email – written for you – just copy & paste.

🗒Text for each day – done – just copy & paste.

💚License to use the text/images in your private Facebook Groups or email (not on public page/website etc).

📂It comes as a downloadable zip file.



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