Hi, I’m Annabel 

When I was diagnosed with ‘primary hypothyroidism’ at 22 (way back in 1996!), I was told all I needed to do was just take a pill every day for the rest of my life and I’d be ‘fine.’ So I did. Maybe I was ‘fine.’ I was surviving though, not thriving.

I have taken medication since I was diagnosed at 22 years old, but I’ve also developed my own unique thyroid-friendly lifestyle. I’ve read broadly about thyroid health, sought professional support, worked with my integrative doctor for the last 15 years, experimented, changed my diet, lifestyle, and approach to stress.

Increasingly I’ve learned to love my thyroid. I’ve ‘made up’ with my thyroid and I’m currently feeling fantastic. 

There is no magic “happy thyroid” formula, BUT you’ve got to start somewhere. This box has all you need to to kick off a thyroid-friendly lifestyle. 

I am a passionate thyroid health ‘advocate.’ A well-educated patient who wants to help other thyroid patients know there is SO MUCH you can do to feel great. I want you to know there is HOPE.  This book and box is my way of sharing with you what’s worked for me and many, many others.

I am also  the author of self published and best selling cookbook, What Annabel Cooks: Real food that will make you flourish and I have  a successful podcast, Let’s Talk Thyroid where I talk to thyroid experts and patients from around the world to help spread thyroid health awareness.

Annabel x

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