have you got thyroid issues?

It is estimated that 60 000 Australians are diagnosed with thyroid disease every year. 20 million Americans have some sort of thyroid disease.

Usually when someone is diagnosed with thyroid disease they are prescribed medication and left to their own devices. This was certainly my experience when I was diagnosed at 23.

I often say that if I didn’t take my thyroid medication I’d be dead, but if that’s all I did, my quality of life wouldn’t be very good. I know this because that was me for at least the first 10 years after I was diagnosed.

There are many things we can do aside from take our medication to help support our thyroid health and to actually feel amazing.  Diet is a key one, for me that was a major contributor to the development of my food blog What Annabel Cooks and my cookbook.

There are many other things we can do too and using essential oils is one of them.

I started a Facebook group just last week to provide a space where people with thyroid issues looking to share and explore the use of doTERRA essential oils, food & lifestyle ideas can hang out. 

The group is about bringing hope, positivity and generosity.

Wellness is a lifestyle and we can help each other along our unique quests for thyroid health & wellness.

This group is about lifestyle support, not medical treatment.

If you are interested in exploring both essential oils and other wellness lifestyle factors as part of your proactive thyroid management, I’d love you to join. You don’t need to be using essential oils to join, and there’s no obligation to buy them either, just come and learn, share and be encouraged.

When you request to join you will be asked 3 questions, you must answer those questions to be accepted into the group. When you do, I will email you my Top 3 Essential Oil Thyroid Supports.

Don’t have thyroid issues?

If you don’t have thyroid issues, you’ll probably know someone who does! Please feel free to forward this email on to them. It’s open to anyone. 

Not on Facebook?

Not on Facebook but have thyroid issues? If you send me an email to hello@annabelbateman.com and ask me, I’ll happily send you my Top 3 tips document and then I’ll know to let you know about thyroid-specific things down the track too.