Why join the Let’s Talk Thyroid Community over on Facebook?

⭐️ Hang out with over 1100 others going through similar health challenges.

⭐️ It’s a positive group with lots of positive and practical information.

⭐️ We focus on a whole-body approach to managing our thyroid issues. Diet, stress, sleep, essential oils, reducing toxins etc.

⭐️ We won’t give you medical advice, but will encourage you to get good quality advice from practitioners who know about treating thyroid patients.

⭐️ Be the first know about podcast info and have the opportunity to ask questions of some podcast guests.

⭐️ Ask your thyroid questions and glean a variety of community based real-life experiences.

⭐️ I share from my 20+ years experience as a Hashimoto’s patient who has dug deep into reading, researching and exploring all things thyroid.

⭐️ I’d love to have you as part of our community and as a welcome gift will send you my top 8 things I think a thyroid patient needs to know.

⭐️ It’s FREE!

from the community…

I am grateful for Annabel’s Facebook Thyroid Support group as it is a positive place to learn more on natural solutions for thyroid health. It is a safe space to ask questions and share knowledge on what you have learnt. Thank you Annabel for creating this group!’

Amy Strahan

I love Annabel’s Thyroid support facebook group. Even though I don’t have a thyroid condition myself, this group has allowed me to learn and understand more about this condition. It has been a wonderful safe place to invite my friends into that suffer from thyroid issues to get support from Annabel and others who truly understand. I highly recommend this group.

Teniel Moore

I joined Annabel’s Thyroid Support page so I could meet people with similar thyroid challenges, and to share and get others ideas on managing thyroid related issues. Ideas I have found have been both diet or essential oil related, but the biggest benefit is being a part of a community! Knowing there are other people out there like me, and having a support network! I am so grateful for meeting Annabel, and being a part of this group.

Jo Cullen