You & your thyroid deserve to

I know it’s not all sunshine and roses when you have a thyroid condition.

I get it. It’s common to feel fatigued, foggy and fat.  😩 I know I sure have.

When you’re first diagnosed, it usually comes after YEARS of suffering.

You just don’t have the energy for all. the. things. 😴

🙋‍♀️ You might have tried a gazillion diets, blood tests, doctors.

Perhaps you’ve been told you’re just crazy or lazy (or both … it’s true, people ARE told this).

After years of this, it’s no wonder your hope for ever feeling like yourself again might be non-existent.

I am here to offer you my HOPE (+ some positive & practical info).

If you don’t have much hope of your own, borrow some of mine. Honestly, I’ve had to borrow hope from others before and it worked.

 Hand on heart I can say you CAN feel better.

If I can, you can. It takes time. It takes action. It can be an up and down journey, but it IS possible.

Have you just been diagnosed with a thyroid condition? Start here.

Hi! I’m Annabel and I have Hashimoto’s. Perhaps you have a thyroid problem too? Or you suspect you do.

You’re in the right place.

I understand how it feels to be told “just take your thyroid pills for the rest of your life, you’ll be fine”. But not feeling ‘fine’.

Over 20+ years I’ve worked out how to implement some practical things we can do so we aren’t just surviving but thriving despite having thyroid issues.

Let’s Talk Thyroid together positively & practically so you can thrive and not just survive.

My health ‘philosophy’ is that thyroid wellness (well all wellness really), must take a lifestyle approach. We have to be doing little things daily over time.

The key factors that we need to incorporate &  that I promote for a thriving thyroid lifestyle are:


I focus on removing typically inflammatory foods but still eat lots of yummy real food.

(You’ll find lots of thyroid friendly recipes on my other website, or in my cookbook).


I’m increasingly passionate about this as I see the havoc our daily stress wreaks on our thyroids.  I love using essential oils as a key part of this.


Loving your body not hating it goes a long way in supporting a happy thyroid and a happy life! I get it, it takes time and beautiful self-talk.


Hormone disrupting chemicals are everywhere and it’s important to reduce our toxic load. Personal care and cleaning products  are an easy place to start. I use my essential oils for this too.


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Not sure where to start?

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