Thyroid diseases are complex and require proper diagnoses and treatment.

Hashimoto’s is the world’s most common auto-immune disease. It affects more women in men in a ratio of about 8:1. It is also grossy under-diagnosed and misdiagnosed.

It is an auto-immune thyroid disease, but really it is a multi-system disease. It affects not only your thyroid but your brain, gut, liver, immune system, hormones, blood sugar and more. It’s really a whole body disease and needs to be considered in that way.

The discussions on this website and my social media & podcast are designed to spread information and awareness of Hashimoto’s in a way that is both positive and practical. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is intended provide you with lifestyle factors to consider to help you thrive not just survive. Always seek medical advice if you suspect you have a thyroid problem.

Have you been tested for thyroid issues?

Research shows that it takes about 7 years for Hashimoto’s patients to be symptomatic. 

It’s usually only when symptomatic that a person might think to be tested and often it takes years even with symptoms to be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. 

That’s a lot of years (untreated) of thyroid destruction & havoc being wreaked on the thyroid, your brain, digestive system, immune system, liver, emotions …

If you have NOT been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and you suspect you might have a problem with your thyroid, please go to a doctor and request a comprehensive thyroid blood test. You might be best to find an integrative doctor who is familiar with treating thyroid disease. At a bare minimum you will want to have your thyroid antibodies and TSH tested but also testing FT4, FT3 and reverse T3 is often recommended.

If you doctor won’t get you tested or won’t test for thyroid antibodies, either try to find a doctor who better understands thyroid conditions and their complexities or now that you can get blood tests done privately. is private lab I’ve come across that do a variety of different thyroid panels. You can contact them here via this affiliate link* I will receive a commission if  you order a blood test through them. You will still need to talk your results through with a doctor. is a private lab  that do a variety of different thyroid panel tests. You can contact them via this affiliate link*

I will receive a commission if  you order a blood test through them. You will still need to talk your results through with a doctor.


My personal approach

I’ve learnt over 23 years of diagnosed Hashimotos that managing thyroid health is best done when you take a holistic approach. I have written about this previously here.

In one word, my approach to managing my thyroid health is all about reducing INFLAMMATION.

I do this by addressing a range of issues.




Managing Stress.

Looking at root causes.

I love to support other people with thyroid issues too.

If you’d like to book in for a free 30 min strategy session  just to talk about your thyroid health, get some support and bounce some ideas around, please  click the link below.

A simple tool I’ve found that sits across many of the areas of thyroid support, is using doTERRA essential oils. Here is some basic information.

Essential Oils for Thyroid Support

I first started using essential oils because I am always on the lookout for natural options to support my health.

I started with 3 oils (frankincense, lemongrass and peppermint which I added to my facial oil) and began reading and researching. I was keen to see how they impacted my thyroid health but you know, the biggest impact they’ve had on my health has been on my stress levels!

Over the last 3 years doTERRA has given ME the control over my health. I have tools at home for pretty much everything life throws at me. I don’t need to wait to see my Dr or naturopath for them to tell me what I need.

Essential oils can’t cure thyroid disease but they can help to support many of the different ways having thyroid issues has on our lives. For example doTERRA essential oils and products can be used to support:

→ Gut

→ Energy

→ Detox

→ Sleep

→ Weight issues

→ Achieving a health inflammatory response

→ Stress

→ Skin

→ Brain support

→ Mental clarity

→ Mood

→  Hair & nails

There are a few different approaches to getting started with doTERRA. The simplest is to buy one of the pre-made starter kits from doTERRA. I have highlighted below how the most popular of the starter kits, the Home Essentials Kit could be used by someone with thyroid issues.

The other option is to create your own custom kit. Here is my suggested THYROID SUPPORT PROTOCOL. Click on the link to get all the deets.

I am alway happy to talk to you if you’d like me to help you find the right oils for your needs and your budget. Just email me or send me a Facebook message.

Working with people who want to help themselves is where I’m at. I like to take action and enjoy working with women who are prepared to do that too.  Do you want to live the best life you can? Be all you can be? Are you ready to take action now? I’d love to help you.

Step 1

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Step 2

Choose Wholesale Customer.

Fill out your personal info.

Step 3

At the enroller section make sure my number & name comes up Annabel Bateman #3170862

Sponsor number can be left blank.

Step 4

Select what kit you’d like to order.

▶︎ Add credit card details and process your order.

Step 5

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Do you want to learn more?

Who is doTERRA? What even are essential oils? How do they work? How are they sourced? Is doTERRA an ethical company? How have they changed my life?