Thyroid diseases are complex and require proper diagnoses and treatment.

Hashimoto’s is the world’s most common auto-immune disease, affecting at least 1 in 8 women. It affects more women in men in a ratio of about 8:1.

It is also grossly under-diagnosed and misdiagnosed.

It is an auto-immune thyroid disease, but really it is a multi-system disease. It affects not only your thyroid but your brain, gut, liver, immune system, hormones, blood sugar and more. It’s really a whole body disease and needs to be considered in that way.

The discussions on this website and my social media & podcast are designed to spread information and awareness of Hashimoto’s in a way that is both positive and practical.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is intended provide you with lifestyle factors to consider to help you thrive not just survive.

Always seek medical advice if you suspect you have a thyroid problem.


My health ‘philosophy’ that I’ve developed over 23+ years of having Hashimoto’s is that thyroid wellness (well all wellness really), must take a lifestyle approach. We have to be doing little things daily over time.

The key factors that we need to incorporate &  that I promote for a thriving thyroid lifestyle are:


Food is medicine.

I focus on removing typically inflammatory foods but still eat lots of yummy real food.

I eat a paleo-style diet, removing gluten, grains, dairy, sugars and legumes. I know this sounds impossible and miserable, but once you’ve got your mind around it (& a few easy recipes) it’s ok.

I do offer a Kickstart Your Thyroid Wellness Lifestyle Program a few times a year (or you can do it on your own guided by me). For more info, head here.

Gut health is so important for our thyroid health and food plays a big role in healing leaky gut and improving our health. If you’d like a good explanation as to why gut health is important, have a listen to this podcast episode.

You’ll find lots of thyroid friendly recipes on my other website, or in my cookbook.


I’m increasingly passionate about this as I see the havoc our daily stress wreaks on our thyroids.

Stress (& trauma) is a common trigger for thyroid problems and anecdotally many of us seem to be pro’s at heaping high expectations on ourselves. Those daily stressors play a huge role in our thyroid health. We talk a lot about this on the podcast – How to say no is a good place to start!

Essential oils have been a key tool in my daily stress management toolkit. You can learn more here and check out some of my favourite essential oils here.

If you’d like help finding the best essential oils for your needs, book a strategy session and I’d love to help you. I do earn a commission when people buy essential oils through me, thank you in advance!


Loving your body not hating it goes a long way in supporting a happy thyroid and a happy life! I get it, it takes time and beautiful self-talk.

Words have the power of life or death, choose life-giving words!

Mindset is also a critical part of making these diet & lifestyle changes, honestly once you’ve made the decisions, the rest will flow.

Neurologist, Dr Phillipe Douyon talks about the power of affirmations, brain health and thyroid in this interview with him.


Hormone disrupting chemicals are everywhere and it’s important to reduce our toxic load.

Chemical exposure and a high toxic load are another common trigger for thyroid issues.

Dr Datis Kharrazian has published this recent study showing the connection between chemicals and thyroid.

Whilst we can’t avoid all chemical exposure, we should be on a personal mission to reduce our toxic load.

Here are some ways we can reduce our toxic load – use a water filter, buy spray-fee/organic food, replace all plastics for food/water storage with glass/stainless steel, switch personal care (skin care, makeup, hair care) and cleaning products for chemical free versions.

I find using doTERRA products and essential oils has helped enormously in reducing my toxic load around the home (skin care, cleaning products, diffusing essential oils not using harmful fragrances for perfume or room deodorising).

Suspect you have a thyroid problem?

Do you suspect you have a thyroid problem but haven’t been tested? 

Research shows that it takes about 7 years for Hashimoto’s patients to be symptomatic. 

It’s usually only when symptomatic that a person might think to be tested and often it takes years even with symptoms to be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. 

That’s a lot of years (untreated) of thyroid destruction & havoc being wreaked on the thyroid, your brain, digestive system, immune system, liver, emotions …

Learn more about common thyroid symptoms here.

If you have NOT been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and you suspect you might have a problem with your thyroid, please go to a doctor and request a comprehensive thyroid blood test. You might be best to find an integrative doctor who is familiar with treating thyroid disease. At a bare minimum you will want to have your thyroid antibodies and TSH tested but also testing FT4, FT3 and reverse T3 is often recommended.

If you doctor won’t get you tested or won’t test for thyroid antibodies, either try to find a doctor who better understands thyroid conditions and their complexities or now that you can get blood tests done privately.

PRIVATE THYROID LAB TESTING is a private lab  that do a variety of different thyroid panel tests. You can contact them via this affiliate link*

I will receive a commission if  you order a blood test through them. You will still need to talk your results through with a doctor, but it can be super helpful if you’re having difficulty getting the full panel from your doctor.



  I wrote my book, Let’s Talk Thyroid with the new thyroid patient in mind. It’s a great starting place because it starts the conversation about how to live well with your thyroid condition.

Thyroid health is complex, but I’ve made it simple.

A key concept in the book is to KISS (Keep It Super Simple) so you can make progress but not feel overwhelmed.

Another great starting place is to listen to my podcast (also called Let’s Talk Thyroid) as there are lots of great interviews and information. Start with whichever episode you like, but many like to start at the beginning as the initial episodes are foundational.

If you would like personalised support, I’d love to help with with a strategy session

In the Let’s Talk Thyroid Community on Facebook we talk all things thyroid health, practically and positively. I’d love you to join.

Working with people who want to help themselves is where I’m at. I like to take action and enjoy working with women who are prepared to do that too.  Do you want to live the best life you can? Be all you can be? Are you ready to take action now? I’d love to help you.