My Thyroid Friendly Food Approach

Food was the first major change I made that made a MASSIVE difference to how I felt. Seriously, I did a Whole30 challenge about 8 years ago and I had no idea that I could feel that good! No more bloating, feeling fat at the end of most meals.

It lead to a food blog, a cookbook and really a career change.

My approach has been to remove typically inflammatory foods but still eat lots of yummy real food. I come from a family of foodies and feeders, so finding and creating thyroid friendly food that tasted and looked good was critical!

I eat a paleo-style diet, removing gluten, grains, dairy, sugars and legumes. I know this sounds impossible and miserable, but once you’ve got your mind around it (& a few easy recipes) it’s ok and it’s thyroid friendly.

Some people with auto immune thyroid conditions find that the Auto Immune Protocol (which is like paleo on steroids! It also removes nuts, seeds, eggs and nightshades) is necessary as an elimination diet to help find those unhelpful food triggers.

I do offer a Kickstart Your Thyroid Wellness Lifestyle Challenge a few times a year (or you can do it on your own guided by me). This is a thyroid friendly food (paleo style) program combined with mindset, essential oils and a true lifestyle approach. For more info and to go on the waitlist, head here.

Gut health is so important for our thyroid health and food plays a big role in healing leaky gut and improving our health. If you’d like a good explanation as to why gut health is important, have a listen to this podcast episode.

You’ll find lots of thyroid friendly recipes on my other website, or in my cookbook.

Here are a few shortcuts!

Annabel x 


colourful thyroid friendly food pictures

all recipes are gluten & grain free