My top healthy skin tips!

What right have I got to talk about skin? I have good skin. Always have. Sometimes I have great skin!

Remembering that skin is our largest organ and is often reflective of our inner health – particularly our gut health.

I’m lucky, I have genetically good skin. This is one reason I haven’t talked a lot about it. It isn’t something I’ve struggled with but I know so many people do. Or their kids do. I do, however look after my skin so I’ll share my tips and tricks too.

Skin like so many of our bodily systems require a holistic approach to keep it healthy. Simply using products on our skin won’t cut it. We need to look after our skin from the inside out. Taking a whole body not a symptomatic approach.

Here are the keys as best I have read and worked out:

GUT – Skin is often a reflection of gut health – google gut/kin connection. Eat well – nutritionally dense foods, reduce grains, dairy and sugar. Digestzen and peppermint essential oils are great for gut support. 

HYDRATION – drink plenty of water! Adding a drop of a citrus essential oil eg lemon/grapefruit makes drinking more water more enjoyable. 

SLEEP – we need good quality sleep for a healthy body, and healthy skin. My go-to essential oils for sleep are vetiver and clary sage.

STRESS – yep this effects our skin too. Balance is my favourite essential oil for stress, or see this article for more ideas.

SUN – we do need some time in the sun for Vitamin D and for our circadian rhythm/sleep etc but be careful and protect your skin.

SKIN PRODUCTS – remember skin is an ORGAN. Don’t put toxic crap or harsh chemicals on your skin. Use natural and low tox products. doTERRA has lots of great skin care options to suit everything from teenage to mature skin. Email me for more info.

DRUGS – smoking, drugs, alcohol can negatively effect our skin.

GENETICS – clearly this plays a role. Fair/dark, oily/dry etc.

Did I miss something? What do you think are the key factors to healthy skin?

If you need help find essential oils or skin products to meet your needs, please just email or call me and I’ll help find the best selection at the cheapest price for you.