2023 Vision Workbook


Step by step guide to help you make 2023 your best year yet.


Making the most out of your life starts with making the most out of each year, and by taking some time to invest into this you can set yourself up for success.

This workbook is the culmination of years of running online and in person goal setting/ vision board workshops. It’s designed to help you work through the 5 step process of reflect, dream, create, plan & live. This helps you to prioritise and set realistic and achievable goals without feeling overwhelmed.


Are you ready for 2023?

✔️ Do you want 2023 to be your best year yet?

✔️ Do you want step by step process to guide you through casting your vision for next year?

✔️ Are you a dreamer, goal setter or visionary?

✔️ Are you sick of another year rolling around without getting what matters done?

✔️ Do you love writing your dreams and plans for the year ahead?

✔️ Do you want 1 spot to keep your vision for 2023?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this 2023 Workbook is for you! It is designed to help you reflect on the previous year, dream of all the possibilities of the year ahead, plan your SMART goals, create an action plan to execute those goals and then you'll get to live it out over the year ahead.


✔️ Love to plan your year ahead.

✔️ Have some big goals you’d like to achieve.

✔️ Know that goals will remain dreams if they don’t have deadlines and action steps.

✔️ Want a fun way to cast your vision.

✔️ Want to set aside time to plan your 2023.

This workbook can be used on your own, or why not grab a few friends and have a ‘2023 Vision Day’ and do it together, or you can join my IN PERSON 2023 Vision Day Retreat on 27 Jan 2023 in Brisbane (the printed workbook is included in the retreat price)

It’s also for you if you want:

  1. A structured approach to your vision and goals.
  2. A gift for yourself and/or your goal-setting bestie.
  3. Personal accountability for the year ahead.
  4. 2023 to be your best year yet!

Please enjoy creating your 2023 in this 2023 Workbook!


  • 6 core areas of life to work through
  • Prompt questions
  • Word for the Year
  • Personality & Values
  • Vision Board
  • Monthly Review
  • Note pages


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