How to build your thyroid support team when you feel all alone.


Dealing with chronic health issues can be quite lonely at times but I believe it’s important to find people, professional and personal that can help support you throughout your health journey.

In this episode, we cover the 4 key people (or categories of people) that it’s helpful to have in your corner

  1. Medical.
  2. Allied Health professionals.
  3. Experts.
  4. Personal.

You might also like to consider that you could be part of someone else’s thyroid support team too as you learn, experiment and talk about your own experiences.

I have put together a simple worksheet to help you identify who is in your support team – or you could even us it to design your dream support team! You can download it here.

Here are some links to some of my key thyroid support team.


Dr Elen ApThomas – listen to episode 7 where we talk thyroid health together.

Allied Health:

Sharon Wilford Naturopathy

Tess Godfrey Naturopath



Dr Datis Kharrazian

The Thyroid Pharmacist – Dr Izabella Wentz

Deliciously Organic – Carrie Vitt

Marc Ryan – Hashimoto’s Healing

Dr David Perlmutter


Stop the Thyroid Madness – Mary Shomon

Thyroid Essentials – Melissa Esguerra

Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms? When My Lab Tests Are Normal

How to Heal Hashimoto’s – Marc Ryan

Grain Brain – Dr David Perlmutter


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