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How do you feel about Christmas?

Christmas means so many different things for each of us but for most, it’s a busy season and can be quite stressful. So…. what are a few things we can do to make it fun, happy and not undo all the good we’ve been doing for our thyroid health?! Really it’s more than Christmas survival, it’s about thriving through Christmas 🙂

Here are some of my thoughts – what works for my Christmas Survival plan. I’d love you to join the discussion in the Let’s Talk Thyroid Community as I know you’ll have some ideas to share with the rest of us too!

Firstly, I think it’s important to release that in practical terms, Christmas is at least a month, if not 6 weeks. It’s NOT just 1 day! Not in terms of the busyness, food, stress and relationships anyway. So, we need to tackle it as a season… even if it’s a mini-season if we are going to survive Christmas well!


  • Go with your personality.
  • Go with your past experiences!
  • Start planning now – know what you can say yes to, no to.
  • Take a holiday before and/or after Christmas.


Relationships are so important, especially within our families, so let’s show extra grace, kindness and love this Christmas. Sounds obvious, but the extra stress Christmas can cause it often taken out on those we love most. To do this, here are a few ideas:

  • Know your limits – don’t over commit
  • No-vember. Use November as a month to say NO to things in December! You might like to listen to Epsiode 18 of the podcast where we talked about boundaries and saying no (nicely)!
  • Remember that STRESS is a thyroid TRIGGER so we don’t want to trigger a flare.

Essential Oils:

For the emotional/mood management side of Christmas you can’t go past Balance & Adaptiv.

For sleep, I love Lavender Peace, Vetiver and Serenity Softgels.

My favourite kits, if you’re looking for a Christmas present for yourself are here (the Emotional Wellness starter pack or the Home Essentials kit are crackers) 

For the days I’ve overindulged in food/drinks, my favourites are

  • Digestzen
  • Zendocrine + Grapefruit
  • Smart & Sassy
  • + bonus On Guard if you’re feeling run down + LLV 


Let’s be real, what would Christmas be without fantastic food!!

Given that Christmas is really at least a month, not just a day,  plan accordingly.  Don’t let everything go, but set yourself some ground rules for the month in advance. 

  • Keep a few good habits going eg celery juicing, intermittent fasting, alcohol-free days, stay hydrated
  • Still look after your gut health.
  • Consider a protein shake if busy.
  • My rule is 100% Gluten free and other things I’ll allow from time to time BUT don’t undo all your hard work – this is not about discipline, but about health.
  • Focus on what you can have.

Here are some of my favourite online healthy cooks to follow:

What Annabel Cooks (Me!) – I have a Christmas section and some in my cookbook too … they are a bit sugar heavy though 😉 The cookbook could be a good Christmas present too! 

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen 

Luke Hines 

Wholefood Simply

Christmas hacks:

  • Order the bulk of your Christmas food online and have it delivered
  • Start the day well – affirmations
  • Make yourself a coffee – or a ‘time-out’ ritual.
  • Delegate what you can
  • Keep it simple
  • Shop online for what you can
  • Support local, friends and homemade gifts – double gift then too!! 

Merry Christmas! 


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