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Sharon Wilford’s perspective on treating thyroid issues as a naturopath.


I have found having a naturopath (or 2) in my corner to have been so helpful over the years of managing my Hashimoto’s. Sharon Wilford has been one of my personal naturopaths and a very good friend of mine for over 15 years.

Sharon has lots of tools in her naturopathic toolkit. One of the things I love about her is her constant quest for knowledge and improving her skills. Aside from herbs, supplements, and diet, Sharon uses a variety of tests, Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Neurolink and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) with her patients.

Some of the topics we cover are

  • Some of the things to look for in a physical examination, common symptoms and clinical indicators of a thyroid condition.
  • Common nutritional deficiencies in thyroid patients and the importance of getting professional support to address these.
  • Why is gut health so important.
  • Neural pathways – are they connecting and flowing properly? What could be blocking them? Neurolink as a technique to help the neural pathways to work more optimally.
  • Being ‘ready’ to make changes.
  • Taking an individualised approach.
  • The stress response and the critical role it plays in thyroid patients.
  • The personality connection!
  • NET and the researched connection to stress/trauma. Where your body is storing stress/trauma and releasing it.
  • Stress, cortisol and a technique that helps release those emotions
  • Toxicity as a thyroid trigger.

For more information about Neurolink, head here.

For more information about NET (Neuro Emotional Technique, head here.

Sharon Wilford Naturopathy is based in New Farm, Brisbane or online.
Sharon Wilford is a Naturopath Nutritionist, Neurolink Practitioner and NET practitioner.  Prior to her career as a Naturopath, Sharon worked at
the Princess Alexandra Hospital in the Brain Injury Rehabilitation  Unit working with in-patients within the Occupational Therapy Department. After experiencing her own health issues of chronic fatigue she sought the advice of a Naturopath which led her to move to Northern NSW to study a Bachelor of Naturopathy at Southern Cross University.  After graduating in 2005  Sharon worked within an integrative Medical practice before starting her own practice in New Farm in 2008.
She has trained in Therapies such as  Neurological Integration where she is at the masters level, Neuro Emotional Technique, Craniosacral Therapy and Applied Kinesiology. 
Sharon works with patients of all ages and all health conditions utilizing all her training to bring a personalised medical approach to the help the patients she works with.

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