going gluten free part 2


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Did you miss PART 1? We covered the why, where and what of going gluten free. Now let’s get practical and talk about HOW to implement a gluten free diet.

In preparing for this episode, I was reminded just how good my cookbook actually is, because really, it’s more than a cookbook. I have lots of information in it about how I went gluten free, ideas for sticking with it when you travel or are out and about. There are meal ideas and approaches to meals, not just recipes. In fact I have been surprised by the number of people who have told me they sat down ad ‘read’ it cover to cover!

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What Annabel Cooks: Real Food Recipes that will make you Flourish.

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Tips for implementing a gluten free diet?

  1. Make a decision – honestly, it’s my biggest tip. Just decide if you are and how you are going to do it. Takes all the little decisions out of it then.
  2.  Be prepared – stock the house with ingredients you can eat, remove those you can’t.
  3.  Be inspired – try new recipes, buy a new book or 2.
  4. Have fun – seriously, it’s a gift not a punishment.
  5. Tell others and get support.How to approach a meal?🥣 Rethink breakfast – left overs are great, an egg and veggie fry-up, smoothie, breakfast soup 

    🥩 Decide on a protein, which fat will you cook it in (i use macadamia oil, coconut oils, olive oil, butter) and then add a mix of colourful veggies – try cutting them in different shapes for variety!

    Are you a turkey or a frog?

    Depending on your personality, you might like to take either a cold turkey or a frog in a pot approach. You decide what works best for you. Personally I’m a turkey! In the podcast I go over some tips for each approach and who it might be best for.

    going gluten free

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