Graves disease patient & naturopath: Bronte May


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BRONTE MAY: Naturopath & Graves Patient.

As both a patient and a practitioner, Bronte shares so much practical advice for thyroid warriors of all kinds!

As a Graves Disease patient, she created her own treatment option when those offered by her doctor didn’t sit well with her. She was able to significantly reduce her antibodies through diet and stress management, something many doctors don’t see as possible.

We talk a lot about stress, the process of healing and mindset. You’ll love Bronte’s Mario Bros analogy of how we ‘level up’ our healing as we learn along the way in our health journeys.

“Love yourself enough to give yourself 5 mins out of your day just for you”
“I send love to my thyroid everyday”
“Create your own options … you know best what your next step is”
– Bronte May.

I tell you, you’ll want to listen to this thyroid chat. Thank you Bronte!

Bronte is a Naturopath with a passion for thyroid health. She knows firsthand the complicated and multi-layered journey to heal from an autoimmune disease. Having had a negative experience within the mainstream medical system, she decided to educate her way to recovery… and did… healing herself from Graves disease and became a qualified Naturopath in the process.

Having learned so much about lifestyle medicine and the medical modality of Naturopathy during her own healing journey she became very passionate about helping others navigate, improve and heal their own autoimmune issues and now helps her clients by systematically uncovering the root cause of the problem, not just suppressing symptoms, and more importantly, simplifies the process of getting well again. And when she isn’t doing that, her Instagram tells us that you can find her earthing with a cup of bone broth.

Connect with Bronte May
Instagram @brontemay.naturopath

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