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Jeni’s Graves Story | a story from our community


I’m loving talking to people in the Let’s Talk Thyroid Community because here are real people who are doing the hard work to support their health and have lots of great ideas to share with others.

Jeni was diagnosed with Graves Disease only in January. She was overheating, losing a lot of weight, running to the toilet and her heart rate was through the roof!

Jeni believes that years of anxiety, stress and overworking caused her body to go into overdrive. We talk a fair bit in this episode about being a ‘busy woman’ and how that often seems to be a trigger for a range of thyroid issues.

Whilst Jeni is still fairly new to having thyroid disease, she has dived right into seeking out information, other’s experiences and learning how she can manage her health in the long term. She is keen to share her experiences as they are unfolding in the hope that it will help others.

Graves disease is an overactive auto-immune thyroid condition, whereas Hashimoto’s (what I have) is more common, there are many in our Let’s Talk Thyroid Community with Graves too (or fluctuate between the 2), so I’m so grateful Jeni has shared her story with us.

Thank you Jeni!

If you want to check out Jeni’s businesses:

I’m enjoying Jeni’s Instagram @work2_weekend


Jeni mentions the following people that she’s found helpful:

 Bronte May, Naturopath

 Dr Chatterjee

ATP Science Podcast

Let’s Talk Thyroid Podcast 😉


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