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Sharon’s Thyroid Story – a story from our community


I met Sharon a few years ago through our mutual love of essential oils and natural health. I discovered that like me, Sharon has Hashimoto’s and  I knew that I wanted to have Sharon share her story on the Let’s Talk Thyroid Podcast.

Sharon was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s about 20 years ago after feeling extremely fatigued and hair falling out, having to change jobs due to the fatigue.

An overachiever by nature, as seems to be for many with Hashimoto’s, we talk about how that personality trait can impact on our health and how Sharon has learnt to manage it through changing jobs, awareness of stressful triggers and being proactive in using some specific essential oils to help stay calmer and grounded during the day.

We cover Sharon’s daily habits, her thyroid triggers, diet, supplements, essential oils and other lifestyle factors that have worked well for her. Finding a great holistic doctor has been significant and we talk about her  ‘secret weapon’, as her partner, Leonie is a naturopath! Imagine having a naturopath on tap. Yes, Sharon, we are all a bit jealous 😉

Sharon shares her story with quiet wisdom and kindness that comes from walking her talk. It’s the little tweaks along the way that show an accumulative benefit.

Thank you Sharon for sharing your story, I know it will help many of our listeners.


Sharon mentions Bruce Lipton in the context of the power of belief and Dr Tom O’Bryan who is a gluten sensitivity expert.

Sharon Hardy

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