Let’s Talk Thyroid Symptoms:

Infertility + Hashimoto’s

47% of women with Hashimoto’s were infertile **

That’s a massive number.

That represents a lot of heartbreak, loss, frustration, questioning. 

Given these really high numbers, I feel like it was somewhat of a miracle that infertility wasn’t part of my Hashimoto’s journey. I’m incredibly blessed to have had 3 healthy pregnancies and no miscarriages, so I’m not talking from personal experience.

Thyroid hormones are important for all aspects of fertility – from regulating the menstrual cycle, ovulation patterns, egg release, growth, linking the endometrium for the fertilised egg to be implanted in and then the healthy development of the baby. There is a higher risk of miscarriage too for those with Hashimoto’s.

Not only high TSH but also high thyroid antibody levels are part of the infertility/Hashimoto’s story. If you are experiencing issues with falling pregnant, getting not only your TSH but your thyroid antibody levels would be important.

Autoimmune thyroid disease has been found in 18-40% of patients with Polycystic Overay Syndrome (PCOS), so if you have PCOS it’s worth getting your thyroid looked at too.

Let’s get practical

❣️Get your thyroid levels tested – it’s so important to know if this is an underlying cause. Linked to this is getting our medication levels right too. Being diagnosed and properly medicated is important to sort out BEFORE falling pregnant.

❣️Once pregnant your thyroid levels will need to be closely monitored by your doctor.

❌ Avoid the oral contraceptive – well obviously, but even when NOT trying to fall pregnant, find an alternative contraceptive.

💖 Get support from family/friends/professionals.

💦 Essential oils that are supportive of our hormones include clary sage (but don’t use when pregnant), thyme, spikenard, ylang ylang, geranium & grapefruit (The Essential Life 5th ed)

💊 Consider a good quality nutritional supplement. I take doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality.

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Suspect you have a thyroid issue? PLEASE trust your instincts and get it thoroughly checked out with your health practitioner. This thyroid basics page has an overview of what tests to ask for and a link to use a private lab if you’re doctor won’t order them.

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