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In this episode Jackie opens up about her 20 year Hashimoto’s journey.

We talk about

⭐️ Jackie’s challenges in being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and how she backed herself with her doctor.

⭐️ Burn out and the critical need to manage stress as part of our thyroid lifestyle.

⭐️ Setting healthy boundaries

⭐️  Health retreats – Jackie’s experience as an onsite nurse and her prescription!

⭐️ Jackie’s daily essential oil routine and how it supports her at different times in the day.

⭐️ Mindset

⭐️ Emotional aspects to thyroid disease and our driven personalities!

⭐️ Diet – what works for Jackie.

⭐️ Much more – you’ll love this conversation with this wise, kind and practical woman.

Thank you Jackie for sharing your story with us.


jackie isles hashimotos

Jackie is a woman who wears many hats; She’s a mum of 2, a Holistic Nurse Consultant, Lifestyle Consultant, Health Coach, Reiki Master and a Blue Diamond Essential Oil Educator.

She is passionate about empowering women of all ages to stand in their confidence, to walk in their highest vision, to be brave, to kick old stories to the curb and to embrace and create their dream life for themselves and their families.

“You are never too old nor too late to shine bright “

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