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“It’s not a one size fits all approach. We’re all different and may need different people at different times.”

I met Angela through the Let’s Talk Thyroid Facebook group. I love our growing community and I’m very appreciative when others are willing to share their thyroid stories. I truly believe that when someone share’s their story, it will be a help to someone else.

Angela feels like she’s spent her life tired and looking back thinks she’s probably had thyroid issue for decades before being properly diagnosed. Although diagnosed with an underactive thyroid is wasn’t until over a decade later she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. 

She says she didn’t really identify with many of the typical symptoms so tended to downplay it, but can see that it’s crept up on her to the point that the last 2 years she’s required medication and has really embarked on the research and self-empowerment health journey!

This research has, in part led her down a path of switching to toxic free products, having been exposed to a lot of chemicals growing up on a farm and working as a Dental Nurse. She’s switched her to clean cleaning products, personal care products and loves her doTERRA essential oils and their Lifelong Vitality supplements.

Angela is a Personal Trainer and is a firm believer in food, nutrition and gut health being critical to her over all health. She’s found that a paleo based diet works best for her and has loved my Kickstart Your Thyroid Wellness Lifestyle Challenge so much that she’s back for a second round 😉

 Here are Angela’s top tips for thyroid health:

1. Do your research.

2. Find a practitioner that truly understands thyroid – from a holistic perspective.

3. Nutrition is critical.

4. Exercise – she advocates for weight training + nutrition + good gut health for fat loss. 

5. Essential oils – incorporate them daily! 

Thank you Ang for sharing your journey with us!


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