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Brain & Thyroid Health

Dr Philippe Douyon, Neurologist




Brain fog, lack of concentration & focus and fatigue are neurological symptoms that are also common thyroid disease symptoms. Dr Philippe Douyon says in this episode, that in his neurology practise, that many of his patients present with these neurological symptoms and have not been diagnosed with thyroid issues. Once tested and treated for the underlying thyroid condition, these neurological symptoms resolve.

I’ve had additional neurological issues so was interested to have this conversation as only recently have I realised that it could have been connected to my thyroid health. About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a brain lesion – a single episode of demyelination. It hasn’t developed into MS (requires multiple episodes) so I’m incredibly grateful for that. To clarify (as I don’t mention this in the episode), the symptoms of that were a weakness in my right leg and arm. Thankfully the symptoms over time have largely gone too.

In this conversation about the brain & thyroid health connection, we cover topics such as:

  • The connection between thyroid and brain health.
  • The difference in brain health problems for those with Hashimoto’s v Graves
  • When to see a neurologist.
  • Do we lose brain function over time with thyroid conditions?
  • The metaphysical & personality connection with thyroid health.
  • Mental health issues eg anxiety.
  • Diet for good brain health.
  • The type of exercise that’s good for brain & thyroid health.
  • The impact of stress. Did you know that stress kills neurons?
  • Dr Douyon’s 5 top tips for brain health.

You’ll love Dr Douyon’s whole person, collaborative approach to brain health. His advice is practical, positive and gives me hope for my long term thyroid/brain health!

Philippe Douyon, MD is a  Board Certified Neurologist who completed his residency in Neurology at New York University and fellowship at New York Presbyterian-Cornell in Clinical Neurophysiology. He has spent the last several years caring for people with neurological disorders with a special emphasis on those with a history of epilepsy, seizures, and non epileptic events.

After spending years witnessing the deleterious effects of neurological disorders, watching people take medications that at best ameliorate symptoms, but do little to modify the underlying disease process, and observing the delicate balancing act between side effects and symptom relief, he began to realize that we could do better for the people we serve.

Therefore, he decided to create a therapeutic, supportive environment, aimed at using a multimodal approach to improve the lives of people with neurological disorders and promote brain health.

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Take Charge of your Brain in 30 Days. Dr Douyon’s brain course.
Dr Douyon’s BrainFit App
Neuroplasticity. Your Brain’s Superpower. Book.

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