Going back to thyroid basics.

Tara Nelson, Thyroid Naturopath Ep 41


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Understanding the basics of thyroid health is really helpful in managing your personal thyroid health

This podcast episode is airing on the 1st birthday of the Let’s Talk Thyroid podcast and I thought it was a perfect opportunity to go back to basics about thyroid health.

If we understand the basics of what the thyroid is, what it does and what can go wrong with it, it helps up to connect the pieces of our own thyroid stories and managing our own health well. I’m often going back to the basics in my reading and understanding because it actually adds depth to my understanding over time, and let’s face it, sometimes the brain fog means we just don’t take it all in.

Tara Nelson is a naturopath who works exclusively with thyroid patients and has Hashimoto’s herself. She also trains other practitioners to understand the thyroid and work well with thyroid patients, so I thought she’d be a perfect person to go over the basics with us.

Here are some of the topics we covered in our conversation:

  • A bit about Tara’s personal story and what got her into a thyroid-focused practice.
  • What is the thyroid?
  • How does it work?
  • What commonly can go wrong with the thyroid. We cover:



Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid Cancer


Cellular hypothyroidism

  • What causes thyroid problems? 
  • How do we test for thyroid problems? What should we be asking for?
  • What happens when the tests come back ‘normal’ but we don’t feel normal?
  • What role do supplementation, diet & lifestyle play – even if you have no thyroid.
  • How to find a good practitioner for thyroid health.

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Meet Tara Nelson

I am a Naturopath with over 25 years of clinical experience and I still absolutely love working with my clients to bring them into their peak state of health. My health journey began after years of an eating disorder and low self-esteem and for the love and desire to feel the best I can be. I aim to bring this to my clients.

My passion as a Naturopath is about educating people about how to eat well and live well, for them to take control of their own health by making the changes of eating better and eliminating lifestyle practices that are not supporting this process. My commitment to you as a patient is 100% and when you commit 100% also, the results are phenomenal. I love to work with people who are ready to make the changes to their health to become a vibrant, healthy you.

My passion is working with clients suffering from a thyroid condition. I have Hashimotos thyroiditis myself as well as my 16-year-old daughter and can relate to the symptoms of the thyroid client. Thyroid problems are increasing at an alarming rate and most of my clientele come from a place of being under diagnosed or diagnosed but are still experiencing severe thyroid symptoms. I work holistically with thyroid patients to bring balance to their thyroid and reversing their disease process. I run an online Thyroid Recovery Program, as well as a 6-week online practitioner thyroid training program and mentor practitioners specifically with their thyroid cases.

I have 3 amazing children, a loving partner and 5 acres in Yallingup WA and absolutely love my life.

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