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Is stress and/or past trauma blocking your thyroid healing?

The short answer, is yes. Unresolved stress or past trauma (big or small) may be getting in the way of your thyroid healing.

In this chat with Justin Janoska we dive into the impact of these emotional aspects of health and how they impact on thyroid health. If your thyroid issue is auto-immune in nature (Hashimoto’s/Graves) then at core what we want to be doing is reducing systemic inflammation and stress (big & small) causes inflammation… so, the more we can do to reduce stress the better.

Justin says that 90% of his clients (mostly with Hashimoto’s but also other auto-immune diseases) have a history of abuse or severe trauma, and even “lower t-trauma” leaves an indelible mark on the body which can overshadow all the other good things they are doing to improve their health.

Even stressing about following a thyroid-friendly diet can be counter-productive! (He does say though going gluten free is a given ;-))

We talk about:

  • How helping his Mom/Mum (😀) with her Hashimoto’s lead him into this space.
  • Is there a thyroid ‘personality’? ie common personality traits that he sees commonly with the women he works with. (Enneagrams 1 & 3s take note)
  • How you can ‘get in your own way’.
  • The importance of unscheduled time-out.
  • The inability to heal in a toxic-environment.
  • Common other auto-immune diseases that those with Hashimoto’s tend to ‘collect’!
  • Where to start when it comes to improving your thyroid health – how to put the puzzle together.
  • How the process of being diagnosed/treated can be a trauma in and of itself.
  • Hashimoto’s as a lifestyle driven disease.

AND, we have a discussion about the corona virus and how it might impact on those of us with thyroid issues and/or auto-immune diseases.

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About Justin Janoska

Justin Janoska is a clinician and the founder of The Autoimmune Revolution – an emerging company that guides women in their healing journey to reverse their autoimmune disease and reproductive disorder.

Currently, Justin places specific attention on Hashimoto’s, IBD, Multiple Sclerosis, PCOS, Infertility, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Trauma.

He holds a Master’s in Human Nutrition from The University of Bridgeport and has done post-graduate work studying mind-body medicine for the past 3 years. This has become an integral part of his teachings and work with his clients. 

Through the therapeutic relationship, he helps clients acquire a deeper understanding of how they got here with their illness, supports them to be with their pain, and embrace their truth.

Ultimately, Justin is deeply committed and, on a mission, to help revolutionize how we address and heal women who are struggling with autoimmune disease.

Connect with Justin:

Connect on Instagram. @justinjanoska

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