Let’s Talk Thyroid Symptoms:

Hair Loss + Hashimotos

Have you got dry, frizzy, thinning hair? 

I know, not exactly how a woman wants to describe her locks! Not so luscious.

It’s the same story with our hair as with our eyebrows. Usually, the hair on our heads will be affected first, or at least be more noticeable. Some people will lose hair by the handful, and others more gradually.

Hair loss and overall quality of your hair is a common under-active thyroid symptom. It, like the other symptoms we are talking about this month, should be used as a wake up call to get your thyroid checked. 

If you don’t have a thyroid issue diagnosed, but these symptoms ring true for you, then please get it tested. 

If you know you have Hashimoto’s or an underactive thyroid and you’re losing your hair, it’s dry, brittle and or frizzy, please check your levels and that your medication is working and at the right dosage.

When I look back, my hair was an obvious tell-tale sign that my thyroid wasn’t working. I used to have long hair and in my late teens/early 20s it was horrible. Whilst I don’t remember ever losing it in chunks, it was thinner (I have naturally VERY thick hair), very dry, brittle and frizzy.

Now my thyroid health is great, my hair grows quickly and has gone back to being nice and thick. Like my skin, it’s on the dry side and on a humid Brisbane day, it will be a bit frizzy, but I’m pretty sure that’s the weather!

Let’s get practical:

🩸Get your thyroid levels tested – it’s so important to know if this is an underlying cause. Linked to this is getting our medication levels right too. (see above)

🩸Get your iron levels checked too.

🦠 Keep the gut healthy by removing inflammatory foods (esp gluten) for your body, eating fermented foods etc. If our digestive system isn’t working properly, our bodies won’t be absorbing all the nutrients from the foods we eat and so our hair won’t grow properly.

💊 Consider a good quality nutritional supplement. I like doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality.

🥤 Add some good quality collagen to your smoothie.

🥩 Focus on good quality protein, fats and vegetables so that when the digestive system is working, it has the best fuel.

❌ Avoid toxic hair care products. Giving your body toxic chemicals to process won’t help.

🧘‍♀️ Reduce stress!

💦 Essential oils such as Rosemary and Peppermint can be supportive of healthy hair growth. Try adding a drop of Peppermint essential oil to the palm of your hand with your shampoo and then a drop of rosemary with your conditioner.

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Suspect you have a thyroid issue? PLEASE trust your instincts and get it thoroughly checked out with your health practitioner. This thyroid basics page has an overview of what tests to ask for and a link to use a private lab if you’re doctor won’t order them.

Have a read/listen to this first!

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